A — Company

A COMPANY, created by designer Sara Lopez, is a clothing brand that views the traditional modern wardrobe from a curious, analytical eye through the process of deconstructing and questioning the origins of each piece and the context in which they derive from. A strong ethos of always wanting to move, twist, bend and overlap the lines between classic pieces of clothing and conceptual deconstructed works of art is at the heart of her concepts. Lopez is intrigued as to how we still hold onto and keep many utilitarian aspects of clothing which no longer have a purpose and have become pure aesthetics, such as epaulettes or d-rings on trench coat belts. This concept is of particular interest to her and is something that she explores and incorporates into her designs. She focusses on sourcing the highest quality fabrics from countries that specialises in specific characteristics and standards. As well as this she is sustainably conscious so she ensures that there is a sustainable manufacturing process.